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We live in a dream destination and we want to make your Short-Term Rental profitable and take away the hassles of vacation rental booking and turnover. 

STR Homeowner FAQs

  • What do your concierge services include?
    These services are tailored to the needs of the client and will be discussed after booking if you are interested in these services. They range from getting you in contact to book dog sled rides to aurora viewings or a dip in the hot springs. we also have many pre made baskets to choose from that will arrive at the property prior to your arrival & ready for you to enjoy that birthday, anniversary, valentines day celebration. Basically anything that helps you enjoy your precious time in Fairbanks.
  • I am renting a dry property, where can I shower?
    We have several places around town to grab a quick shower. UAF @ Student Rec Center $8.00/per Shower Mary Siah $6.00/per Shower Planet Fitness $10/Month Membership B & C Laundry Mat $4.75 for 15 min, $1 towel rentals
  • When Can I see the Northern Lights “Aurora’s” ?
    UAF Aurora Tracking & The Science Of The Aurora: Places That Have Very Little To No Light Pollution Hagelburger Look-out point, UAF Observation Parking, Skyridge Dr Off Farmers Loop -10/15 Below To +25 Above
  • What Kind Of Vehicle Should I Rent?
    Recommendation for AWD/4x4 - All Season/Year Round FWD vehicles - Break-Up Season (Spring), Summer, Fall Please consider your travel needs as well when choosing Please confirm your vehicle is winterized for plugging in at colder temperatures All seasonal Tires, Blizzaks, Studded Tires, window scrapers recommended
  • When are the best times to visit Fairbanks, Alaska?
    Summer Time Midnight Sun festival (Dates ?) Goldpanners Midnight Sun Game Crusin’ With Santa Car Show Sourdough Fathers Day Car Show Historical Wedgewood Car Museum Alaskaland aka Pioneer Park Santa Claus House Malamute Saloon Knotty Shop Tanana Lake, Harding Lake, Quartz Lake, Birch Lake Chena Hot Springs Golfing Winter Time Dog Mushers Hall Santa Claus House Ice Museum Ice Park Ice Dogs Hockey Ice Skating Snow Machine Rides Skiing, X-Crossing Moose Mountain Snowboarding Sledding/Tubing Birch Hill
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