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At 907 Vacation Rentals, we take great pride in providing a high level of personalized services to property owners & guests in the Fairbanks & North Pole area.  Let us create a unique experience for you and your guests 

We will set up your home as a short-term rental,  take photos, write the narrative for your home's description, & manage your bookings, calendar & guest communication via Airbnb, VRBO, or other STR platforms.  Additionally, we do a walk-through before guest arrival and after guest departure, & we will arrange your cleaning schedule.

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907 Vacation Rentals we offer a variety of services to accommodate you and your guests. Taking cleaning, guest questions and access, pricing, and marketing off your to-do list.  Just hand us the keys and start earning.

Looking to buy or sell a vacation rental?  907 Vacation Rentals can help you with that as well!  We are Licensed Real Estate Professionals in the State of Alaska, and with our expertise in the Fairbanks, North Pole & surrounding areas.


Hassle-Free Professional Vacation Property Management

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Short-Term Vacation Rental Management Services for Interior Alaska

Hand Us the Keys & Start Earning

Earn 3x More

Ever wonder how much you can make AirBnB-ing your home? 


Short-term rentals earn up to 3x more than traditional long-term renting.

 And unique stays and experiences like glamping or tiny houses can return 100-200%!

Assess Your Home $$$
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